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Telework Benefits for Employers

Improved productivity
Teleworkers typically work longer and more efficiently and without office related distractions. Many employees improve their productivity by 10-20% per telework occasion.

Improved employee retention and recruitment
Teleworkers are less likely to look for other jobs and often list the teleworking option as one of the main reasons for remaining with their employer. Companies with teleworking programs can recruit skilled professionals nationwide - an important asset in a tight labor market.

Reduced absenteeism
Typically teleworking programs result in 2-4 days reduced absenteeism per teleworker, per year.

Help employers develop a "green program"
Telework eliminates the need to travel and reduces green house gas emissions.

Telework Benefits for Employees

Improved morale
Employees love teleworking. They appreciate being trusted by their employers and are usually more productive.

Greater flexibility
Teleworking provides employees with greater flexibility in balancing their work and personal needs. Employees can arrange their schedules to work during peak hours and to accommodate child-care duties, medical appointments or school.

Reduced commuting stress and expense
Teleworkers experience no traffic jams, commuting stress, or searching for parking on telework days. Teleworkers can save two to three hours per day by not commuting. Teleworkers often spend less on food, work attire, dry cleaning and other expenses traditionally associated with working at an office.

Improved quality of life
Teleworkers often use the time saved to spend time with their families, cook, exercise and live a more fulfilling life.

Telework Benefits for the Community

Reduced traffic congestion and pollution
Whenever fewer people commute, especially at peak rush hours, there is less traffic and air pollution. This helps create a cleaner environment and reduce road and highway maintenance expense.



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